About EVOL

True love evolves. In fact, everything evolves. The idea came to on me in very much the same manner as most do. Slowly at first then in a burst. Life just has a way of happening. Hurtling ourselves along a trajectory that we may never have thought possible. The twists and turns we navigate. How we wind up in the situations that we find ourselves. Arriving at a crossroads. Life does not unfold in a linear fashion. Nothing happens in a straight line. There are great episodes of exhilaration and crippling instances of devastation. Chaos. There is no control. The best we can hope is to learn from them. The good. The bad. The banal. Strive ahead, grow and carry on as reflective and empathetic as we can. Defined by our acceptance of this new reality. Defined by our reaction to adversity. Defined by how we love, how we integrate joy and happiness into our lives. How we suffer the indignities. How we share the experiences that shape our being. Going through a fair amount of both deeply satisfying and equally terrifying situations a need arose to develop a creative outlet for sharing the essence of these experiences. This is the precept. The construct of EVOL. Love and life. Perfectly imperfect.
Aspirational. Provocative. Thrilling. Profound. Existential. Avant-Garde. Cathartic. Introspective. Redemptive. Empowering. Soul-Soothing. Fun. Easing the journey when it becomes unmanageable. Warming us over joyfully, humorously and humbly when wonder occurs. Maintaining our sense of thrill. Of self. Of sanity. Sharing a smile whenever possible. Thinking positively. Things may not always result in ways we have wished but we are better, stronger and ultimately more fulfilled nonetheless for the encounters.
Be true. 
All’s happy that ends happy.™